The lock fill signal never meant anything
Other than anything else means anything
Reluctant or squared up deductive
When it’s full it over flows
When it’s locked down it doesn’t

Like a tree finds the sun or
Lungs just breathe like it’s autonomic
All this talk of quill triggers and pack daggers
Leaves little room for contemplation

Action is the time
Traction is the now
Leaving my reactions
Behind the fence
Past tense in a sense
It costs a few cents
You don’t own you rent

Dropping verbs in a particular vernacular
Leaving out the word spectacular
The Elders teach us
Never leave a trace
The destination is not the place

The river knows nothing but flow
The rocks know water is smooth
The water knows gravity provides
Through all the slips and all the slides

Releasing the brake relaxing the vent
Decreasing the value of the unrepentant milieu
Some stock words here might delay the finish
Some delightful gibberish
All about what’s rising up under your feet
Slick down the trailway a-ways
Distinct and succinct in theory and application
Persuasive like suede
The signals are smoky and clear
Lucid and clear
Straight ahead clear
Loud and clear

But the critics will be word eatin’ and
Derelict or not
The writers will almost always envy the artists
While the musicians look for and get the trouble
The poets get the sweet spot

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