(The Crown Above) The Fulcrum of Transcendence

Sam Flot Oh-Ate

Doomed Mayan creatures
Emanating up out above and
Down out of
Skull-top open to
Releasing birds
From Hairy Nest of Birthing

Eras or ideas
Surround around
The Last Uncrowned
Emperor’s Throne

Never challenged
To hold preservation at bay
Never challenged
To build a tribute to Sisyphus

Upside-down pyramids of energy
Stylistically building
Architectural rivalry
Intellectual revelry
Calibrated happily and 

Like a plate covers
A stove-pipe-hole-in-the-wall
A hallway that disappears
Into a closet
Blocked or allowing
Only limited infiltration

Arms outstretched
Eyes closed
Out of concentration

Inside no reluctance
To pour it all out of
The crown above
The third-eye fulcrum of transcendence

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