The Beat

Half the time
I can’t get a feeling for time
And I cannot tell time
As it shapes space

Within the time a heart beats
Within a small subset of time
Which encapsulates entire universes
Passing through the course of their being


And moving on

All and Everything
Reaches fruition

All directions
All thoughts
All feelings

The other half the time
I don’t have the time

It runs out the door on me
Sneaky, never announcing intention

Leaving me behind
Trying to catch up
Fall back
Or forget

Sometimes the beat
Sometimes the beat runs slow
Within the count

Sometimes the beat
Sometimes the beat runs fast
Outside the count

But it’s always there

Deep below
Or on the surface

And in the middle
*It never leaves the middle*

When our spirits move on
We dissipate
Through time and space
To wherever we were
When we had the beat
No matter which heart beat
We exist inside of

We all spread ourselves out
Amongst the universes
We’ve traveled inside
Each heart beat
Showing compassion
We share our knowledge

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