This road’s been down us before
We birthed the union
Of communicated reality
Imaging an imaginated venue
Untrue to any of the clue free

Representing giving away the secret
Whether or not you knew it was
Even a secret or not
Or if you knew, but
Found a way to belay the trust

Any relationship comes down to slack

How much are you gonna give?
How much are you gonna take?

Loosen up learn to let go
Tighten up get it together

Or somewhere near the middle
Not the other utter gutters
Far left and far right

The road’s been down us before
And you know it will be again
So remember

You gotta get down if you wanna get up
You gotta make music if you wanna dance

Cause the candles are all coming unlit
But we can play in the dark if we have to

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