I Have Rumi Inside Me

Sam Flot - Oh-Ate

I have Rumi inside me
Elemental in plain view
Dervishing inside my heart

I have Rumi inside me and
Jack and Rainier and Somerset
All finding a way to exist
Inside this cage outside of colors

Carried like a packing case
Full of emotion, drive, principle
Naiveté and knowledge

I have Rumi inside me
In this moment of now
Aldous, Jim Carroll and Kesey
Awake inside me a Notion
Of Flying Over the Island Of Nod

I have Rumi inside me
Behind me below and above
I’m in a hole, I’m in the air
Low in the shallow
I’m high on the air
Herman Hesse breathes into my lungs
Practicing reincarnated findings of
Allen, Bill, Neal and Gary

I have Rumi inside me
No cage can hold me
No authority can contain
The vast expanses I can cover
With only what’s inside me

Nothing can inhibit
What I want to be or happen, except me

I have Rumi inside me dervishing with Shams and Hafiz

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