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In 2015 my wife and I experienced a life-changing event, which was not of our own actions. We lost our home in the Valley Fire September 12, 2015. We were in Santa Rosa when the fire began in Cobb, and we had my wife’s amazing Mac which we had brought to the Apple store for a long-delayed new OS, thankfully we avoided that appointment at the mall for a while. Anyway, we missed evacuating and thusly had the clothes on our backs, our car, the Mac (which had a lot of these archives backed up) and most importantly, each other. Given the importance of this on our lives and on my creative life, I have separated the obvious Post-Fire poems from the remainder of the 2015 not-fire poems. That said you can read into a lot of the “not-fire” poems and see many references, but that’s the subconscious slipping in, as always. As I write this in early 2019 I am happier than ever thanks to the vibrant support of my web of friends and family, probably YOU reading this. We are well on the road to recovery, living in Maple Falls, WA in a magical cabin in the wet Washington woods. I truly thank you for supporting us however you may have and we send our love through the internets from the FlotSpot Archives admins John and Jocelyn, straight to you. Thank You.

Sam Flot 3.1.19
Maple Falls, WA.



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