About Sam Flot

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    Words for Now.

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West Coast Poet Sam Flot has been performing original poetry with improvised music across the SF Bay Area and beyond since 2002. He now resides with his wife in Maple Falls, WA.

Sam reads off the page while collaborating with the musicians or at readings without music. His style is uninhibited by the normal constraints of matching lyrics and melody to the music, Sam rhythmically reads his poetry, improvising his delivery as the band weaves through the spaces between. Rock and roll style though, not coffeehouse.

Sam is a founding member of Gazelles an improvisatory musical outlet with two fellow compatriots SF singer/songwriter/looper Garrin Benfield on acoustic guitar, and they loop along with the third founding member and compatriot, E.P.O.K., on synth and laptop. Sam has played in Sam Flot Quintet, Sidewalk Astronomy, The Echo Location and Edgewise, and has sat in with friends new and old such as Garrin Benfield, Surprise Me Mr. Davis, Five Eyed Hand, Izabella, James Whiton, Geo Trio, High Beamz, Left Coasting, Bi-ped, Dedicated Maniacs, Bernadette, Tricycle Side Project, Gregory James, Kai Eckhardt, Martin Fierro, and a special band called the Imponderables with Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth and Jeff Miller and Phil Ferlino of New Monsoon and PA Furnace, with Sam reading Jack Kerouac’s prose to the music. Sam is also currently writing a novel entitled The Uni-verse of Green Wave and an illustrated poetry collaboration with his wife Jocelyn, both coming soon.

Sam Flot can be found on Facebook as Sam Flot.

Please contact Sam for Poetry Department business via email: samflot.poet@gmail.com