Touched By Flame


A revolution is a circle
Made up of many peaces
Apart or together
Spread all over or
Gatherings in intimate settings
Like a pine cone
Many parts make up the whole cone
But a revolution is not completed
Until a pine cone feels the burn
Much like the birds and the bees
Trying to achieve proper pine cone seed
Requires some fire
For the pure blood bleed
Touched by flame and
The Pine Cone seed spreads
Germinating saplings in the aftermath
If you do the math

We are all very like that pine cone
Touched by flame and
Spread all about to grow
Planting our seeds
Ready to become new trees
Ready to make oxygen to breathe

Ready to become one of many peaces
As the circle starts again
Together many parts
A circle is a revolution

sf in SC @ BACk yard surf shack
SAm Flot


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