The First Saturday Night

MFWA 1.27.19

When space cracked open
Back just before it ever existed
A drum was heard
Maybe not an actual drum
But the first action in the universe was rhythm
From the reverberation ripple
From the middle
On the first Saturday night that ever occurred

The rhythm repeated like a beat,
Like a beat on repeat beat
Like a heartbeat

The rhythm of the universe
Rippled in time from the first hit
On the one, I guess
Beating inherently without any thought
Just naturally and if any counting is involved
It’s because humans began beating sticks on logs
Humans began reverberating and
Wanting to use their hands or sticks
To hit other hands or other sticks
In time and together
Inside or outside
No verse and no reason without anything else,
They must have felt the feeling rising up on the inside core
As the syncopation with other humans
Comes from the back to fore
We need to beat our beats together not apart
Together not against each other
We need to beat our beats in unison
Not versus but in chorus
To the universal beat we all have inside ourselves and
The beat can double up or slowdown
In half-time then swing it back around
To the first drumbeat ever beat
Arriving all together at the same time
Arriving altogether at the same spot of entry
Entropy repeating
Consonant and beating
Entropy repeating

sf 1.27.19 MFWA

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