(The Crown Above) The Skulltop Releasing


Volcanic rock is no accident
Art carves itself out from the inside
Initializing the distinct instinct inherently
Singling out the distinguishing dancers
To be catapulted into history’s corrupt pages
To be depicted on a ceramic vessel
Twirling in circles
Arms awry and legs on fire
The music melds rhythms and melodies
A thicket ablaze in a musical maze
The dancers dance in circles

Round and round
Shaking tambourines and rattling gourds
The air is thick and the energy is at a fever pitch
Arriving at the middle where a holy man sits
Arms outstretched
Palms open to heaven
An elegant and elite elder statesman
Wearing long brilliant black braids
On each side of his head and
Jewels of jade circling his neck
He is concentrating intensely
Both eyes
Firmly but gently closed
Chanting the visions his eyelids release
Up to the brain born to this vision

Flying for the first time
Through air and over land and water
Seeing these pyramids
Emanating upside down energy
As the music climbs the middle stairs

Climbing the steep slope straight up
To the upside down top
Balancing a piece of pie on the precipice
An idea sent forth to be

Sent blasting out like volcanic ash from a volcano
An era born from the form of
The crown above the skull top
Carving itself out
From the inside

7.9.2012 sam flot

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