(The Crown Above) The Fulcrum of Transcendence

7.13.2008 - 2013

Doomed Mayan creatures
Emanating up out above and
Down out of
Skull-top open to
Releasing birds
From Hairy Nest of Birthing

Eras or ideas
Surrounded around
The Last Uncrowned
Emperor’s Throne

Never challenged
To hold preservation at bay
To build a tribute to Sisyphus

Upside-down pyramids of energy
Stylistically building
Architectural rivalry
Intellectual revelry
Calibrated happily

Like a plate covers
A stove-pipe-hole-in-the-wall
A hallway that disappears
Into a closet
Blocked or allowing
Only limited infiltration

Arms outstretched
Eyes closed
Out of concentration

Inside no reluctance
To out pour it all out of
The crown above
The third-eye fulcrum of transcendence

flot 7.13.oh-ate

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