Splintered From the Beam

10.20.2015 at the Beachcomber in Fort bragg, CA

Wood drifts like flotsam
Bouncing around either overboard or shipwrecked
Sometimes lately
I feel like a piece of driftwood
Splintered from the beam or tree
Unsure of my direction

No view of shore
No appendages
No means available to me
To influence direction

But, still unsure of any direction
Not just one I think might be preferable to survival
Drifting at the whim of the ocean
Up, down, left, right
The ocean throws me around if it wants to
I have absolutely no control………….

I always feel like flotsam on the ocean
I have no control
I feel like I’m overboard and shipwrecked

So I give in to the feeling
I float with the ocean
I go where it takes me

I see other driftwood
I see sunsets and sunrises
I give in to the ocean
I give in to the feeling
I see many other pieces of wood
Floating just like me
Floating without control
At the whims of the power of the waves
I see seagulls and dolphins
Sometimes it’s not so bad, this floating
Sometimes the good bleeds through with understanding

Sometimes it feels like any moment now
We will all see land
I am losing my sense of desperation
I am gaining a sense of hope
I can see land if I want to and
I can finally wash ashore and
Sit still on the sand

Until high tide or human hands change my direction

I can sit still……….
I can sit ……….
Just sit still………….
Just sit………

Sam Flot
10.20.2015 at the Beachcomber in Fort bragg, CA

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