Sight Lightning

MFWA 2.22.19

I found ten newfangled angles
Out behind the geometry shop
Granting wishes and feeling sort of ragged and
If this is late I apologize with every rib in my cage
But the endless flaunting of departmental regulations
Led to the desultory dismissal of the person,
He of the unsaid name
The unpayable and underappreciated jester-fool
Engaged in the entertainment of every train car’s community brain
Dangled and left hangin’ over the range of topics
We develop for approval or condemnation or
No opinion
But after this under contemplated fate
I rearranged the newfangled angles
Hoping for a directed reduction or
Rather a refracted deduction
Sight Lightning
Sent to me fence sitting or
If memory doesn’t leave me or
Destiny doesn’t get the best of me
But the dusk descended quickly
Leaving me lightless and flightless
Functioning on the flats
Searching for a geography class
At the base of the foothills
Defending my decisions and delighting in
The ace of sleeves in my heart
Made with an air-cushioned finish
Built to accommodate a soft landing
Completely untangled and most likely green


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