Lighter Than Ever


Senses delicate and desperate
This is not trivial
Densest tenses of slogging through
Across and over
We built the break to stall the onslaught and
We stand here now broken
Looking forward

Released to be a blank slate
Freed from any connections
Other than my mate for life and beyond

Left in bad sneakers and I’m happy to live this moment
As much as all the others
I’m happy to stand on this surface
With existential sense of purpose
This land doesn’t give you what you ask for
This land gives you what you need
So go grab your things and mount your steed
The road leads
Itself out underneath you
Like the blessings of impermanence
Dropped on your head with all the grace of a swinging 2x4
Gather your understandings and move on
Keeping in mind
Moving On Day is easier than Moving Day
Any day
Carry on lighter than ever
Floating on the strength of the air all around us
Floating above the dirt underneath us and
The water inside of us
Carry on with respect for all the elements
Including fire and the majesty of nature in process

Carry on elemental as the day you were born
On a new earth, drinking new water,
Breathing new oxygen, sparking a new fire
In the same ole belly

sf in SF
Dedicated to Jocelyn

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