I Know My Ions

MFWA 1.24.19

If it fits inside the whorl of the world’s visibility
Or the understanding of our agility
To juggle our abilities to some kind of complete
Without deferring to outside inferences and personal peccadilloes
Like all those to-mah-toes and po-tay-toes

Nowadays the alias is somethin’ and
My fonts be frontin’
Running down the faucet spoutin’ ‘bout
The laser jet focus I been puttin’ out

With my mind on my words and
My words proposing ambiguous obfuscation
On and in the purest sense of education

I’m saving the iterations
If the version is verbin’
All the existential angst and mental vacations
You gotta take that verbin’ excursion

That tiny mind trip away from it all

Daydreams as some may say
But for others it’s all night and all day
Extrapolating reasons for sequences streaming
These imaginary seasons unrecorded by the history of weather

In the annals of all hot wind blowing or
The the few times the air was
Denoted to be completely static

As water robots call and water falls
I know my ions and
My intelligence remains natural, not artificial
If I retain my knowledge of science and
If I rely on my own self- reliance

MFWA 1.24.19

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