In my sitio MFWA! 1.7.2019

The circular never stops coming back
Never stops coming back around and
Never stops going
Never stops going back around

My life is Circulart
Pi charts
Round ends of chainsaw cut hemlock
All the years in open-book clear view
Ready for counting
Circles and spots

A life of Circulart is
Energy in place
Foe constant creative searching
To settle
Searching until you find your own spot
Searching until you get a chance
To find all that you’ve sought

Creativity always circles coming back around
Making fiction from facts and
Going back around if you’re lucky it distracts
Providing and increasing your knowledge
Until you finally find your spot
Like a cat or dog circling before a nap
Settle inside your circle
Wherever you may find it
Wherever it may be

Then your actions will begin to radiate
Your creative circle widens in circumference

The circle never stops
The circle never stops coming back around
The circle never stops
The circle never stops going back around

Coming around
Going around

Energy in place
Never stopping the revolutions


Sam Flot

In my sitio MFWA!

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